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  1. To verify the truth
  2. Wisdom
  3. Benefactor


  1. Promote blood circulation
  2. strengthen heart
  3. absorb trace elements in amber
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Natural Smoky Quartz Hand Strap

Smoky Quartz has a special stability and balance function. It has a stable effect on people who are prone to temper, nervousness or too much temper, and can help to properly analyze and make appropriate decisions in complex interpersonal relationships and situations. Smoky Quartz is a representative crystal of stable...
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Natural Smoky Quartz Bracelet – 128 Cuts

Smoky Quartz main benefits is for health and Smoky Quartz can make people become more mature and steady. It also change the frivolity and irritability of personality and Smoky Quartz has a significant effect on absorbing negative energy, which can strengthen the body’s immune system function and restore youthful vitality....
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Amethyst to verify the truth wisdom benefactor Aventurine curative effect on heart and lung problems  increase muscle flexibility relieve stress
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Natural Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian It can effectively eliminate the negative energy of the body, and produce new energy to your body. Obsidian also help eliminate fatigue, stress, headache, and eliminate the body’s disease, turbidity, quickly restore physical strength, improve the weakness of the body and improve physical vitality and endurance. Obsidian is the...
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Natural Silver Obsidian

Silver Obsidian can strengthen the kidneys, absorb the disease, easily get to sleep and improve the alcoholism of smoking, and drug addiction. Another feature of the silver Obsidian is wealth. The black color of Silver Obsidian is to exorcise evil spirits and can also reinforce the negative energy. The silver...
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Natural Clear Quartz Bracelet

Free clear quartz cleansing stone 300g (worth rm26)
Free 1 roll white crystal string (worth rm8)
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Natural Tigerite Hand Strap

The Tigerite is a holy stone for Indians, making it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers. For those who often think of many plans but never put them into action, it is recommended to wear them. It will be extremely confident, courageous and consistent. . For those...
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Natural Amethyst 3 Round Design Bracelet (Beeswax Charm-Random)

Amethyst stands for high-level, spiritual and spiritual love. It also represents the “guardian stone of love” in Western countries. It represents noble and pure love, and is a love stone that suitable for couples. Amethyst can develop intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate on reading, increase memory, enhance...
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Red Agate Promote blood circulation Human metabolism Skin will become smoother Regulate blood pressure Peaceful heart rate Nourishing viscera and Lung Rose Quartz Relax your mood and will self improve understanding. Improve interpersonal relationships Enhance popularity and business fate increase sexual relations Amethyst To verify the truth Wisdom Benefactor  
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  Improve intuition Increase perseverance Avoid evil Wealth
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